KUD Kefeide

About the Association

KUD Kefeide (Kefeide Association for Culture and the Arts) is a voluntary, independent, non-profit association of music lovers, coming together out of their common interest in cultural and artistic activities, the exchange of experiences and expertise in the musical field as well as in keeping and promoting musical culture in general. 

The Association was founded at the initiative of its founding members in December 2022 with the purpose of bringing together and connecting creators in music, literature, fine arts and other fields. The key goals of the associations are creating and publishing original music as well as organising and holding public events in various artistic fields.

The association is based in Velenje and is active throughout the territory of Slovenia.

Our name

Cepheids (Kefeide in Slovene) are a group of stars whose brightness shifts periodically. As their brightness correlates with the frequency of their pulsation, they play an important role in determining distances in astronomy. They are named after the Cepheus constellation, which houses the first variable star of this type to be discovered.

The name »Kefeide« (Cepheids) was chosen to signify one of the goals of our association, which is to educate, promote and carry out research in the area of amateur science, with an emphasis on acoustics, physics and astronomy, as well as combining and connecting such activities with the various cultural aspects of our endeavours. Like the glow of the Cepheids, we expect the activity of our association to wax and wane, but hope that it will still contribute an important piece to the cultural mosaic of its environment.