a collection of 12 compositions for flute and piano

Seasons of the flute

Music by: Agata Gojkošek in Zala Pušnik
Poetry by: Ambrož Kvartič
Artwork by: Jelka Kvartič
Published by: KUD Kefeide  

The flute-and-piano compositions are titled after the months of the year and can be enjoyed as musical representations of natural phenomena, the typical weather and general atmosphere of each of the seasons, while also exhibiting a more personal note and the subjective experience of various yearly occasions and events.

The performance level of the compositions is most suited for higher classes (3rd to 8th) of primary music school. The virtuosic piano accompaniment complements the sound to create a complete, integrated work of art to be performed time and time again with accompaniment or in another small setting.
The compositions can be found in a printed publication. The main booklet contains the score for the flute, while the second booklet contains scores for both piano and flute, meant to be used by the accompanist. The content of the main booklet is thematically complemented by short introductory poems by Ambrož Kvartič, acclaimed author of children's poetry and literary artist, as well as themed artwork by Jelka Kvartič. The poems and the artwork echo the main musical themes and can be also used as short introductions and/or visual representations of the compositions at performances.

To aid with learning, the collection also features audio tracks for easier score reading and getting acquainted with the compositions. Alongside recordings of piano and flute, the collection also features tracks of just the piano accompaniment for rehearsal without an accompanist.

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