A composition in 3 movements for a flute quartet

Three weekends, four flutes

Music by: Agata Gojkošek
Published by: KUD Kefeide 

This composition takes the listener on a threefold journey taking place across three weekends: one spent at the coast (»A weekend at the seashore«), one at home (»A rainy weekend«) and one in the mountains (»A weekend in the mountains«). Each of the movements is a musical representation of the events and adventures unfolding in nature and at home. The representations of the soundscape are sometimes obvious and unmistakable (an alarm clock goes off, a movie is on etc.) and sometimes more subtle. The three movements differ greatly in their character but complement each other to create a wholesome composition.

The score is of somewhat higher difficulty and is suitable for students in their final years of primary or in secondary music education.

Weekend on the coast

Rainy weekend

A weekend in the mountains

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